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Women's Fitness Camp in Northern Kentucky
Why Do You Want to Get Fit?

And How Badly Do YOU Want It?

By Brian Calkins, Cincinnati Ohio Personal Fitness Trainer

Unless you know "Why?" you desire to embark upon a new habit of exercising and eating right, it is too easy to quit once the "voices" inside your head begin to "speak". These are the "voices" that tell you to hit the snooze button and skip your fitness boot camp session in the morning, that you are "too busy", that you are too tired or too old or you just don't have the time.

Consider this: what if I promised to give you a thousand dollars for each hour that you exercised tomorrow? Would you work out? What if I told you that this offer is good, every day, for as long as you continue to exercise without missing a single day? But there is a catch: you can't change a single thing that you currently do in your life… your job, family commitments or other hobbies and activities. Would you exercise tomorrow? How about the next day? I bet you would!

Now, I can't give you that kind of reward, but if you answered "Yes", then the problem is not your lifestyle, that you are tired or have reached a certain age or have too little time. The problem is that you simply don't want it badly enough.

Clients that we work with all have very powerful reasons to get up each morning and follow through on their exercise… a carrot, if you will. Seldom do they miss a workout and although they don't eat perfectly, they strive to consume the best meals possible to reach their goals. Why? Because they want it badly enough and know their reasons "WHY?"

Are you ready to discover your own reasons why you want to change your lifestyle behaviors? Are you ready to become consistent with your exercise routine? If so, then take out a sheet of paper and write down 5 reasons "WHY?" you want to begin a new and healthy lifestyle (or enhance the one you're already on). Then, when the "voices" start to speak, you can shout back, "No! This is "WHY" I am doing this. Because…"

Now, after writing down 5 reasons, take three of them and embellish a bit by putting your heart and soul into expounding on the most important reasons you need to begin exercising and eating quality, nutritious foods. Then, every time that you are faced with the "voices" you can pull out your reasons and read them. Copy your reasons and put them everywhere. On your fridge, your car, your office, even your wallet or purse. Have it ready to pull out at a moment's notice.

This is "WHY?" you are doing this.

Your "WHY?" will help you get out of bed early to exercise or forgo your hour lunch in exchange for a healthy smoothie and a 30 minute workout . Your "WHY?" will keep you on track when work or the kids or other obligations come calling for your time.

When you feel like quitting, remember there was a reason, a "WHY?" you started. You can succeed! Remind yourself each day "WHY?" you are traveling this journey. Review your list often.

Below is a partial list of reasons why people make the unwavering commitment to exercise and eat right.

Exercise helps me:

  • sleep better, relax, and improves my mood
  • feel more energetic and productive
  • keep up with my kids or grandkids
  • clear out the mental cobwebs and be more focused
  • reduce my level of anxiety and manage stress
  • to improve my self-esteem and boost my confidence
  • to lose weight and feel wonderful in the process
  • improve my physical appearance allowing me to feel good about myself
  • increase my strength and endurance giving me the ability to enjoy all the activities I love

Additional benefits of exercise includes:

  • Increasing your resting metabolic rate to allow you to burn more calories throughout the day 
  • Increases your stamina and ability to do continuous work 
  • Improves fitness levels, or your body's ability to use oxygen 
  • Perform at higher levels of productivity while becoming less fatigued
  • Provides protection against injury when playing sports or engaging in favorite activities
  • Improves your balance and coordination 
  • Increases bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis 
  • Reduces triglycerides and bad cholesterol
  • Enhances sexual desire and performance 
  • Reduces heart disease and stroke 
  • Reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer 
  • Increases insulin sensitivity, preventing type 2 diabetes 
  • Improves the function of your immune system

So, what are your reasons "Why?" Write them down now and don't forget to review them often!

See you at camp, bright and early!

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